Our Creations: Vice or Virtue?

As Humans, we go through peace, anger, humiliation, envy, jealousy, and many other feelings that we are meant to feel. We are meant to feel them to fully grasp the reason of our existence. As we grow in this notion, we live along with the fact that our world and everybody else’s world just rotates along with these human feelings. And we believe that we are meant to feel them and only with the passage of such feelings are we supposed to live and grow and learn life’s lessons.

Let me ask you an intriguing question. Do we need to go through our feelings to survive on this planet? Is our anger or humiliation or peace essential for our growth? Or do we just go through them because we created them and now all of us are stuck with it?

Let me start by giving a little insight into us. We human beings need to stop and wonder about our existence. Why do we think thoughts? Why do we feel sad or happy or get mad on something stupid? By nature we humans have curiosity running in our veins. We cannot go by a day when we weren’t curious about something. So our curiosity has led us to create. Creation is evidence of humanity. If sometime later otherworldly existence were to find out about us then they would know about us through everything we created. Just like we found out about the existence of humans on some cave 15,000 years ago with their drawing on the walls or architecture they built. So, we are meant to wonder and create. That inborn habit of us has led us to be more initiative, modern, and advance. Now let’s talk about how our creation sometimes leads to our destruction or insanity.

Religions of the world

We created religion, now this might be controversial because religion is about such a force that created this planet, (this is what we are meant to believe,) religion wasn’t something that formed with the formation of the planet; it was formed when human society began to prosper. We created tales, temples, and statues and have somehow made it larger than life. Now today there are 4,300 religions in the world. In a way, people’s beliefs are divided into 4,300 ways. When beliefs don’t match and humans cannot form agreement then there is conflict. We fight for something that we created ourselves, so in a sense, our creation leads to our destruction. Not only that, but our creation of maps also causes wars. The two most deadly wars our humanity has seen didn’t occur naturally but due to our creation of borders among other lands to which we call countries. If one country isn’t having a good political relationship with the other, then every people of those countries start hating on each other. Let me also remind you, we created the politics, the government, and the countries. We were given a home, a single planet and we have divided it into 195 parts called countries. It seems as if we only tend to divide things given to us as a whole. Since war happens due to our feelings, we humans created such creation that kills humans; weapons. Once again our creation is causing our misery.

There is also something else that causes war; possession. Our envy comes to play here when we secretly want something somebody else has. Their house, their car, their money, or anything else, and it begins at a small age too. As a child, we envy someone’s shiny pencil, and later in life envy remains the same only the size of stuff we are envying gets larger. If humans stop possessing, then envy will cease to exist. Let me put a picture in your mind, think of one person you envy the most, do you envy that person or the things s/he has? Now imagine that thing is gone, now that person has nothing. Would you still envy them when they have nothing? I don’t think so. Our creation has caused wars, envy and when the envy cannot hold itself it changes into anger. Now let me ask you the same question I asked above, do we need such feelings to survive? Do we need everything we have created? Even if it gives us pain more than peace? This is a big question we must ask.

The imbalance of rich and poor

Allow me to give two more examples of our disparity occurring thanks to our creation. We created money, and the means to obtain it. It was created for the exchange of our transactions and that is a good thing. But the setbacks that it brought with itself are indisputable. Mainly income inequality, not everyone has the same amount of fortune. Hence we have once again created a division among us; that is rich and poor; Rich in luxury because they obtain money and the poor in misery because they have none. Not to mention that extreme poverty causes some people to steal, loot, or even murder. The other example is caste. When we gave name to ourselves we made sure that there was human division too, so that people higher in the hierarchy could rule over the minority. High caste, low caste, in the case of Nepal; there are such casts that are noble and can exercise any power whereas there are some which dilute the water when they touch it. If you ask your parents why it is so, then they will say it’s something that has been going on for a very long time.

The time has come to raise the question about our creations. Were they created for us to excel or for us to be stuck in such a restriction that we have to feel misery, anger, pain, and rare peace? It is vital that we question everything that divides us, and make sure we make an effort in minimizing the gap among us created by ourselves. I am not saying let’s remove everything, all I am saying is let’s find a way where humanity can prosper for good and not act out of envy or jealousy. We can live with peace with religion, and other of our creations if we find a way to minimize the gap among us. The class disparity, the division of income, and blind belief on human-made tales could be one of those reasons that stop us from being humans and live the world as it is, which is to live with peace, where we embrace peace over conflict, where equality is chosen over division, such a world where we choose humanity over everything else that compromises it.

A safe harbour for the everflowing emotions and thoughts.